Sunny 1984: Old Hindi Songs Listen Online

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Sunny was directed by Raj Khosla in the year 1984.

The movie stars Waheeda Rehman, Master Bhagwan and Sunny Deol in lead roles.The movie revolves around Sunny ( Sunny Deol). His father was a wealthy businessman Inderjeet and married a very lovely girl Gayetri. But the marriage couldn’t satisfy her as She couldn’t give her a child. Hence his father began to brothel and fall in love with Sitara, a prostitue.They intimate and Sitara births Sunny. Gayetri thinks of revenge with Sitara, but the news comes that Inderjeet dies in a plane accident. Now Gayetri conspires and takes away Sunny from Sitara. Sunny grows and falls in love with someother girl. And thus the story repeats…

Raj Khosla is able to maintain audience interest with beautiful dialouges, influential scenes and good acting contribution by team. Overall the movie is good.

Music is given by R.D Burman.Songs are simple and pleasant.

Here are the mp3 songs of the movie:

Listen Online the songs of  Sunny 1984,

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