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Aafat was directed by Atma Ram in the year 1977.

The movie stars Navin Nischol, Leena Chandavarkar,Amjad Khan,Mehmood and Jayshree T. in lead roles.Aafat is the story of the unmasking of a high level gang involved in trafficking of drugs and smuggled diamonds by Amar a C.B.I. officer and Chaya, a police officer. It is the story of Shera, a hired killer, who rises to great success in the underworld of crime, until one day he is trapped.All in all Aafat is a nice dish filled action,crime,relation,adventure,underworld over the spice of love.

Music is good. It is given by Nitin Mangesh. Songs are nice and pleasant to listen.

Here are the mp3 songs of the movie:

Listen Online the songs of  Aafat 1977,

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