Daadi Maa 1966 Old Hindi Songs Listen Online Daadi Maa Songs [MP3]

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Daadi Maa directed by L. V. Prasad was released in the year 1966. Music of the movie is given by Roshan. Daadi Maa songs are sung by Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey, Mahendra Kapoor and others. The movie stars Mumtaz, Dilip Raj and David Abraham play the lead roles.

Daadi Maa Hindi Songs

Daadi Maa is counted under the genre of family drama, action and comedy. The movie shows the story of a family. Pratap lives with his mother, Maharani and wife Parvati. Differences arise between the couples as they can’t have a child. And also, between Pratap and his mother. Situation change when Parvatigives birth to a child,but also has an adopted child. Bot the children grow together like brother even after they are not treated the same by their father. Overall, the movie is nice. Daadi Maa songs are also very good.

Here are the old Hindi songs of the movie:

Listen online Hindi songs of Daadi Maa 1966,

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