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Abodh is a clean inventory from Rajshri Camp who is widely known for making family movies.
The film is released in 1984 which proved to be a great year for Madhuri Dixit as her role as a Bengali bride was appreciated alot. Filled with joy of life in the heart she acts the true spirit of a lady.

Here are the songs of movie Abodh:
 To Listen the songs of Abodh 1984,
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01 – Chandra Bhaal Shobhitam Play
02 – Ghani Ghani Amraiyo (part 1) Play
03 – Ghani Ghani Amraiyo (part 2) Play
04 – Ghir Ghir Aaye Megh Play
05 – Mandir Ki Murat Play
06 – Saamb Sada Shiv Play
07 – Tujhe Dekhne Ko Play


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