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Himalay Putra was produced By  Vinod Khanna in 1997.It was directed by Pankaj Parashar.

Akshay Khanna made his debut in this film which belongs to his father’s production.The film was average on Box Office and was the appreciated being the first film of Akshay Khanna.

Being a teenage love story the music is soft and is given by Anu Malik.The quality is good and gained the interest of a wide audience.

Here are the Songs of the Movie:
To listen the songs of Himalay Putra,click on the link .
  1. Tune Kaisa Jadoo Kiya
  2. I Am A Bachelor
  3. Ishq Hua Tujhse Janam
  4. Kaaga Sab Tan Chun( Kithe Nain)
  5. Bam Bam Bhole
  6. Na Woh Inkaar Karti Hai 
  7. Kithe Nain Na Jodi
To listen the songs online just click on the link.
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